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INGLEWOOD ACADEMY 50/52 IJALE STREET, OWUTU NEWSLETTER FROM: INGLEWOOD ACADEMY                                                                  DATE: 21 JULY, 2023. TO: PARENTS/GUARDIANS We have come to the end of another academic session.  We give thanks to Almighty God who made it possible. We would like to use this opportunity to thank our dear parents/guardians and the staff for their support to the school and the students throughout this academic session. May God continue to bless and provide for you. Please find, enclosed, your child’s Result Checker Card (scratch card). The PIN is printed at the back. Please scratch it. The PIN enables you to have direct access to your child’s/ward’s result. Just follow the steps printed at the back on how to use the card. If you need further assistance on how to use it, call Mr. Badejo on 08023846032 or 08060911833. Please take out time to look at your child’s/ward’s result and have a discussion with your child concerning the result. If you need further clarifications and questions, call the principal 08023846032. Also, attached are the school bill and account details for 1st term 2023/2024 academic session. Please, pay fully on or before two weeks after resumption.  Kindly pay with the account details provided in this newsletter and send the payment information to the school for issuance of receipt. We made a minimal increase in our fees effective 2023/2024 academic session. This is to enable us cope with the rise in inflation while still providing good educational services to our students Registration for 2023/2024 session is into our Nursery, Primary and secondary schools is in progress. Kindly obtain the forms in the school and bring your child/ward for our entrance exams that will hold on 12th August, 2023, at 9am in the school for the secondary, and any day for the nursery and primary between the hours of 9am and 2pm. We plan to have an exciting four weeks holiday coaching between, 31st July to 25th August, 2023, Monday to Thursday from 9am to 1pm. The fee for the holiday coaching is N6,000 (six thousand naira).  We encourage our parents/guardians to enroll their children/wards as it will help to productively engage them during the holidays. The school will inform the parents and students in JSS 3 and SSS 3 about the fees for all the external exams that will take place next year as soon as the exam bodies release the information to us.  It is the school policy that those students in these two classes should pay their third term school fees with the first and second term school fees and should pay fully before the end of second term or the start of the exams, whichever one comes first. Textbooks and stationery will be available for sale in the school’s bookshop, from the 2nd week in August, 2023. Please pay into the bank and bring evidence of payment for your desired books. NOTE that we do not accept returned books or exchange books anymore. We advise you make sure of the books and stationery you want to buy before buying since we will neither accept any book you have bought back nor replace it with another. You can get the list of books from the school websites;  and  The school will resume for first term 2023/2024 session on the 4th September 2022. We look forward to another successful session ahead, building on the excellent start of last session. We also look forward to welcoming our students back in good health, refreshed  and in high spirit, ready to study Stay safe and blessed Regards Management   SCHOOL FEES FOR 2023/2024 ACADEMIC SESSION                                                                 JSS                                       SSS TUITION                                            N54,000                                  N 57,000 LESSON                                             N5,000                                    N 5,000 MAINTENANCE                               N10,000                                  N 10,000 EXAMS                                              N 8,000                                   N8,000 TOTAL                                               N77,000                                  N80,000   OPTIONAL SERVICES MUSIC CLUB              N 8,000 PER TERM   NB: The school account numbers are: School Account Name: Inglewood Academy                                        Inglewood Academy Account Number: 2013387697                                                                0041002338 Bank: First Bank                                                                                       Access Bank.    

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